Waffle Tree House

A performative and interactive treetop restuarant serving a variety of gourmet waffles at Ox-bow school of Art in Saugatuck, MI.

Free, warm and fresh waffles fly to you on zip-lines out of
trees. While the absurdity of this preposterous statement lies
on the surface, underneath this layer, I take a genuine interest
in the implications of such a reality. How would the systems at
play that normally regulate, and control experience be
changed, if such an occurrence was common? An apparently
serendipitous, or unexpected moment of joy is created and
shared amongst those who are a part of such an experience.
A brief fissure cracks open in what we expect or know to be
true. This brief and precarious moment cascades into
something else. Whether this be a monumental moment of
questioning capitalist logics, or a moment of levity that can
create an opening to connect with someone.