Recent Works

Reclamation, 2021, Steel, 24’ x 24’ x 16’
This sculpture continues to push the line between 2 and 3 dimensions. It exists both as a sculptural from and as a drawing, with each individual piece acting as its own mark. The work highlights the space around the sculpture and the landscape behind it. With this work Lanzillo continues to explore how steel, a material typically thought of as a heavy building material, can be given an airy and light quality, while still working on a large scale. Reclamation is installed at Buffalo Creek Art Center in Gardnerville, Nevada.

Tendrils, 2020, Steel, 24’ x 24’ x 16’
The sculpture references the small details found in natural vines growing at Franconia Sculpture Park, its install location. It stretches over a pathway, and serves as a gateway as one walks through the park. It was made in 4 pieces over the course of 3 months and has over 12000 individual welded pieces.

George Floyd’s murder and continued activist efforts have shaped a reckoning about racism in America. Is this reflected in the media we consume? How has the media confirmed these changes or maintained the status quo?

Faced with an overabundance of news and media, we all must decide which stories and voices we prioritize. This work examines the media I consumed and produced in the 30 day period before and after George Floyd’s murder. This work questions which voices I have centered in my media consumption and creation and why and how George Floyd’s murder changed the focus.

Skyloop, 2020, Steel, 23’ x 20’ x 11.5’
Skyloop presents a dynamic sense of organic movement that viewers can experience as they walk underneath the form. It frames the sky above as it rises out of the ground and then rapidly flows back into the earth. It is installed at East Side Neighborhood Services in Minneapolis, MN

Wilson’s Promontory, 2020, Woodblock Print, 14.5″ x 18″